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The AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot: Secret Wisdom of the Ages

The AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot is made up of woodcuts from books written between the 16th to the 19th centuries and includes the works of Christian Mystics, Alchemists, Kabbalists, and Magicians of those time periods. A Woodcut is a relief printing technique that was used in the past to print images. The four suits of the Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot deck are based on the philosophies of various authors, and have been divided into the suits of Mystics, Mages, Alchemists, and Shekinah. The symbolism in this deck can be used as an effective means of spiritual contemplation to augment one�s spiritual development. The �AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot� represents the spiritual contemplations of numerous individuals over several centuries, and over a period of thousands of years. The philosophies, artwork, and symbolism reflect the efforts of mystics, alchemists, magicians, and truth seekers as they sought to understand God by studying the Secret Wisdom of the Ages. The Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot deck comes with an accompanying book that references the artwork and provides insight into the associated philosophies. However, this video is not meant to provide a walkthrough or review of the deck, but instead seeks to use the Alchemystic Tarot to explain the concepts within the Secret Wisdom of the Ages, such as Alchemy, the Kabbalah, and the Tarot.



The following video provides and overview of the AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot: Secret Wisdom of the Ages

#AlchemysticWoodcutTarot.The deck consists of woodcuts by various authors that were published between the 16th and 19th centuries. It includes the suits of Mystics, Mages, Alchemists, and Shekinah. It explores the secret wisdom that was concealed over those centuries, which provided the foundation of modern occultism and new age philosophies. This is a short video designed to provide an overview of the deck.