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I, Wisdom, Dwell With Prudence, and find out knowledge and learn discretion (Proverbs 8:12).

Daniel E. Loeb is a scholar, occult author, and spiritual mentor who wrote under the pseudonym D. W. Prudence, while working in public service. He retired after serving 20 years in the US Air Force, and is now continues to work as an author and instructor on topics related to Kabbalah, alchemy, and the tarot. He graduated from the Hypnosis Training Institute of Central California in 1994 and from the Therapeutic Learning Center School of Massage in 1997. He earned his Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2002 and a Master�s degree in 2008. He has instructed Hypnotherapy certification courses internationally, he�s worked as a Hypnotherapist in private practice, and as a Tarot reader. In 2018, He authored of the �AlcheMystic Woodcut Tarot: the Secret Wisdom of the Ages.� For the past nine years he�s volunteered as Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim�s Advocate, and he served ten years as a law enforcement officer. Loeb is a Jewish family name of German descent; it means �Lion� and is a reference to the Tribe of Judah. Kabbalah and Rosicrucianism are in his blood, and have been the focus of his studies for many years. His unique life experiences, and his Jewish, Christian, and occult background has enabled him to interact with diverse cultures, and to gain a unique perspective on mysticism and human behavior. He is a husband, and the father of four. His present goal is to aid others in understanding the mystical concepts he has a passion for, and to empower his readers in their own spiritual endeavors.


See the 'Rota Mundi' page information on this latest Tarot Deck. Tarot Readings and other products can be purchased from the 'Crow of the Forest' Etsy Shop. You can also follow D. W. Prudence on Facebook or sent questions via email.