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D. W. Prudence will be at Moonstone in Wichita KS, on September 22 for the following:

SEPTEMBER 22 @ 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM $15
This session will include relevant histories of Alchemy, Kabbalah, and the Tarot, and how those theosophies fused together into a complete system of mysticism that is concealed within the Tarot

Incorporating Kabbalah and Alchemistic principles into your Tarot practice.

This session will provide an introduction to many occult concepts and systems that you can incorporate into your own spiritual journey, and will provide a new dimension and depth to your Tarot Readings, as well as add a new dimension to your Tarot readings, and will provide you with an avenue for using the Tarot for meditation and spiritual growth.

Topics include:

The Tarot’s connections to the ‘32 Paths of Wisdom’ of the Kabbalah and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet will provide addition symbolism to draw from when conducting readings, and will provide a deeper understanding of the cards. The role of the Tetragrammaton as the ‘Key to the Tarot’ and in the structure of the Tarot deck will be discussed, and the resulting system will allow you to easily remember the meanings of the Minor Arcana – enabling you to do readings with either Tarot Cards or standard Playing Cards. The Prima Materia, Philosopher’s Stone, and Chemical Wedding of Alchemy will be explained, bringing you an understanding of how the Union of Opposites plays a key role within both Alchemy and the Kabbalah. Gematria (Numerology), the creation of Sigils, Rosicrucianism, In Nomen Omen will also be discussed.

D. W. Prudence will be at the Lawrence Metaphysical Fair in Lawrence KS on September 29th (one day only)



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